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Top four health insurance providers of 2020

Top four health insurance providers of 2020

The cost of healthcare has seen a sharp rise in the past decade, and it has become one of the biggest financial burdens for the citizens of the country. People are struggling to pay premiums, manage their deductibles, and avail benefits under any policy. The fact of the matter is, you need to buy insurance from a provider who understands your needs and allows for flexibility in the coverage. Keeping these points in mind, we bring you the top four health insurance providers in the country.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield ranks among the top three insurance providers as they offer services that are widely trusted by doctors and healthcare professionals. The company has been around for nearly eight decades providing the best of individual and family insurance across the 50 states. The BCBS exclusive membership program also brings you discounts on the best of healthcare products and services. You can shop for insurance plans by simply inputting your area code or choosing a state to explore available coverage. BCBS also partners with Medicare for those who are eligible to receive benefits under the government initiative. Employers and business owners can avail group medical insurance for employees.

Aetna checks across the board when it comes to providing all-round health insurance. Also, it is possible to enroll with Medicare to avail federal benefits for those who are eligible above the age of 65. Moreover, Aetna offers Medicaid coverage in 14 select states to help low-income families and individuals pay for rising medical costs. Aetna also assists students in availing affordable health insurance plans partnering with 200 select colleges and universities. Above all, the insurance provider offers reliable medical and wellness insurance to international travelers and expatriates.

United Healthcare
United Healthcare offers plans that are suitable for individual and family insurance with policies that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Coverage ranges from comprehensive health insurance for preventive care, doctor and hospital fees, prescription medications to dental, vision, accident, and even international insurance. You can also opt for insurance bundles with a custom plan to avail specific health, dental, and any short term or long term insurance. United Healthcare also provides for expenses and any indemnity over and above the benefits available as part of the plan.

Cigna Health Insurance plans are known for their low monthly premiums, affordable copays, and free preventive care benefits among the hospitals and services covered under their network. This is all made possible with Federal premium subsidies, copays met before the deductible, and in-network preventive care facilities. Cigna helps individuals and families avail affordable insurance with the best coverage and benefits made available under Federal programs.

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